I am a swedish feminist with roots in Bolivia living in  Stockholm. I work as a contemporary dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. I am also co-founder & director of We:R Performance Collective. 
My work explores womanhood, human behavior, social codes and has often a pinch of dark humor. I work using text (traditional and contemporary ), verbatim theatre techniques and improvisation. I enjoy being in motion and in interaction with other bodies because I believe that the material transforms into something else and becomes richer. It changes in terms of form, movement quality and meaning.

I am interested in researching the range of movement in my own body and  in the room as well as crossing genre boundaries and collaborating with other performance artists


2023 Caput Capillus by We:R Performance Collective, The Cloud Festival, Tirana

2022 Bitchface by We:R Performance Collective, The Cloud Festival, Tirana

2021 Kiran by We:R Performance Collective, The Cloud Festival, Tirana

2019 Horses/Courses by Hannes Langolf, B12 Festival, Berlin

2017 Young Choreographers The Festival, HAUT, Copenhagen

2016 4 Definitions Of Life, alias TEATERN, Stockholm

2011 All is lost, Rebecca Björling, Palamós dance festival, Pálamos

2011 Licensed To Dance, Gasteig Carl-Orff-Saal, Munich

2011 Games of solitaire, Hannes Langolf, Muffathalle DANCE festival

2011 Let´s Dance!, Festspielhaus, Baden Baden

2011 Stückenweise, Johannes Härtl, I-camp, Munich

2010 Stückenweise, Johannes Härtl, I-camp, Munich

2010 Junger Tanz, Gasteig Carl-Orff-Saal, Munich

2009 Junger Tanz, Gasteig Carl-Orff-Saal, Munich

2009 Smash by Andrew Resurreccion, Staatstheater Gärtnerplatz, Munich

2007 A midsummer night's dream, Daniela Ruesga, Teatro Municipal, Bolivia

2006 5 a 7 sentidos en un instante by Noreen Guzman de Rojas, Teatro Municipal, La Paz- Bolivia



2020 300h Yoga Teacher Training, Sampoorna, Goa
Klein Technique  7,5 credits, DOCH Stockholms University Of Arts
2017-2018 200h Yoga Teacher Training, Sampoorna, Goa

2012-2015 Bachelor's degree in Ethnology, Stockholms University

2012-2015 Bachelor´s degree in Dance & Theater Studies, Stockholms University

2008-2011 Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance, Munich

"During my education I worked with choreographers like Minka-Marie Heiss, Pia Fossdal, Regine Blum, Katja Wachter, Jarek Cemerek, Johannes Härtl, Hannes Langolf, Jan Kodet, Patrick Delcroix, Peter Mika, Jochen Heckman, Sonia Rodrigues och Volker Michl".

2007 Escuela del Ballet Oficial, La Paz-Bolivia


2019 Stockholms Dansfilmfestival
2018 ScreenDance Festival, Stockholm
2017 DanceLab Nicosia Moving Images festival, Cyprus 
2017 DCIntro, Danscentrum Stockholm
2017 International Studio Stipendium, The Swedish Art Comittee (Konstnärsnämnden)
2016 Winter residency at c.off, Stockholm
2016 Stockholm Dansfilmfestival
2016 DCIntro, Danscentrum Stockholm
2015 DCIntro,  Dancentrum Stockholm
2011 Iwanson training- stipendium, Palamos, Spain
2011 Internship at Tanztheater Wuppertal (Pina Bausch), Wuppertal, Germany
2010 Iwanson training-stipendium, Tanzwerkstatt, Munich
2006 Assistent choreographer, Noreen Guzman de Rojas, La Paz, Bolivia



2021 - Contemporary Workshop at The Cloud Festival, Tirana
2019 - ongoing 
Contemporary, Stockholm University of Arts, Stockholm
2018 - ongoing Contemporary, Balettakademien, Stockholm
2018 - Technique class, Sabor Latino, Stockholm
2017 - We:R The Network Workshop, Tegelscenen, Stockholm 
2017 - Contemporary Workshop with We:R, Yogansa, Stockholm
2017 - Morning class, Young Choreographers The Festival, Copenhagen
2017- Contemporary Summer Intensiv Workshop, Tegelscenen, Stockholm
2017 - Ballet teacher, Move Huddinge, Stockholm
2017 - Ballet teacher, Saga Motion, Stockholm
2016 - Technique Class Workshop, Yogansa, Stockholm
2016 - Ballet teacher, Forskgreskabadet, Stockholm 
2016 - 2019 Ballet and contemporary dance teacher, Yogansa, Stockholm

2011 - ongoing Ballet and balletbar teacher, House of Shapes, Stockholm
2011 - 2016 Dance teacher, Danshuset, Stockholm